The Place Lab is currently accepting graduate and undergraduate students. 

For Graduates

The Master of Science degree is a thesis based research program at Sonoma State University. Students will conduct original research under the direction of the PI and graduate committee. In addition, students will complete coursework that allows them to master the concepts of their chosen discipline. Typically, students take two to three years to complete their graduate degree requirements.

To Apply

First, contact Sean Place through email. In your message discuss your research interests, educational and career goals and any prior research experience. 

Submit the following items to the SSU Admissions and Records Office via CalStateApply. The application deadline for the fall semester is January 31st and October 31st for the spring semester. 

  1. Complete an online University application via CalStateApply. NOTE: After you submit online, be sure to print a hardcopy to send to the Department of Biology Graduate Coordinator (Dr. Derek Girman).

  2. Official copies of all undergraduate transcripts (send to Admissions and Records Office, Salazar Hall, Room 2030 Tel: 707-664-2778).

  3. One-to-two page Statement of Purpose detailing your background in biology, objectives for graduate school and career goals. 

  4. Two letters of recommendation from individuals familiar your background in biology and able to comment on your potential for conducting primary research. 

  5. Graduate Record Examination or GRE scores for the General Test are required. However, Biology Subject scores are recommended, but not required.

 More detailed information can be found for admission to our program below.

For Undergraduates

Students pursuing a Bachelors of Science in biology are required to earn 3 units of research experience. Research experience is also open to students who seek to acquire lab skills that can be used to bolster their CV.  

To Apply

Contact Sean Place through email. In your message, please discuss your research interests, goals and your educational status (i.e. freshman, sophomore, junior, senior).