Place Lab Research

Research projects in the Place lab are grounded in the field of environmental and molecular physiology of marine organisms. Our research questions specifically address the physiological responses of marine organisms that inhabit near shore environments when subjected to significant variation of one or more abiotic factors. Through the integration of experimental approaches at the molecular, cellular, and biochemical level, we address how organisms have adapted to cope with both acute perturbations, which can often be measured through the genomic response of the organism, and persistent environmental changes, frequently marked by changes at the level of protein function. We are currently focusing on the genomic response of marine organisms to environmental perturbations and seasonal changes in habitat temperature, oxygen levels and environmental pH. By analysis of these pathways, we aim to better understand how stress-response pathways, cellular energy demands, and cell-cycle control integrate to affect the limits of physiological plasticity.

The Place Lab is currently accepting graduate and undergraduate students.