Graduate Students

Anthony Tercero

M.S. Biology Candidate, Sonoma State University (2018-present)

B.S. Molecular Cellular Biology Sonoma State University (2017)

My research interests center around the acquisition of genomic structural variations of Antarctic notothenioids and the physiologic impacts these variations may carry for the organism. More specifically, I am interested in how gene copy number changes of Heat Shock Genes (HSP’s) have altered the highly conserved Heat Shock Response (HSR) of Antarctic notothen, Trematomus bernacchii.

My current research goals are to pursue a PhD in the field of genome architecture. I am fascinated with understanding how DNA repair pathways may alter genome architecture and understanding how the energetic allocation of an organism may alter the fidelity of DNA repair and the acquisition of genomic structural variations.


Darwin 226

Undergraduate Students

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Madison Ingraham

Isabel Lopez-Luna

Deana Villagomes

Laboratory Technicians