Graduate Students

Samuel Bogan M.S. (2018)

 ‘U-Turns’ and New Turns in Cis-/Trans-Regulation of Molecular Chaperones During the Radiation of Antarctic Fishes

Brennan Chin M.S. (2018)

Characterizing the Role of DNA Methylation Patterns in the California Mussel, Mytilus californianus

Dipali Vasadia M.S. (2018)

Cool Fish in Hot Water: MicroRNA Regulation in Trematomus bernacchii Acclimated to Acute and Chronic Heat Stress

Meredith Pierson M.S. (2017)

Hot and Heavy-Metal Rockcod: Antioxidant Response to Oxidative Stress in the Emerald Rockcod Trematomus bernacchii 

Joshua Hancock M.S. (2016)

Facing a Physiological Crossroad: Response of an Intertidal Sculpin to a Multi-stressor Challenge 

Troy J. Huth Ph.D. (2015)

Vulnerable Species in a Changing Climate: The Genomic Response of Antarctic Notothenioid Fishes to Predicted Oceanic Conditions as a Model of Physiological Plasticity and Adaptive Capability

Laura Enzor Ph.D. (2014)

Global Climate Change and the Southern Ocean: How Antarctic Fishes Physiologically Respond to a Changing Environment from the Cellular to the Organismal Level

Undergraduate Students

Yelba Ortiz B.S. (2018)

Kayla Meeker B.S. (2019)